A Genuine Style of Wedding Videography

My goal is simple.. to reflect who you are as a couple.  I do this by capturing interactions among yourselves, family, and friends. My shooting style is genuine, yet cinematic. I showcase your day exactly as it plays out in reality, while avoiding any "over the top" effects.  

Wedding Videography is an Art Form...

And your story is my passion. I combine the big moments with the small details to ensure your film is extremely dynamic!  I capture subtleties of the setting and decor to give your film a "build up" aspect. Then I hit you with a big moment, and the emotions run high!

Wedding Videography requires creativity. Anyone can point and shoot a bride walking down the isle at eye level, but it takes creative thought to showcase a variety of angles and positions while bringing out the most flattering images of a subject.

Feeling Camera Shy at the thought of Wedding Videography?

Not to worry. My shooting style is candid and un-obtrusive. We've all heard of the wedding videography companies with their beaming lights, poor positioning, and awkward questions to the guests. These are the kind of actions I avoid. I work very well behind the scenes to capture natural candid moments that reflect your true personality. 

Over 100 Wedding Films and Counting

Through experience, I know where to be situated and what to look for during your day. Aside from the obvious scenes to capture, I see significance in moments that others deem as unimportant. 

It is my job as a videographer to create finished pieces that contain every possible cherished moment. I hear it from my clients time and time again... "I'm so glad you caught that!"  

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