A Genuine Style of Wedding Videography

Our goal is simple.. to reflect who you are as a couple.  We do this by capturing interactions among yourselves, family, and friends. Our style of wedding videography is genuine. We showcase your day exactly as it plays out in reality, while avoiding any "over the top" effects.  

Wedding Videography is an Art Form...

And your story is our passion. We combine the big moments with the minute details to ensure your film to be extremely dynamic! We capture subtleties of the setting and decor to give your film a "build up" aspect. Then we hit you with a big moment, and the emotions run high!

Wedding Videography requires creativity. Anyone can point and shoot a bride walking down the isle at eye level, but it takes creative thought to showcase a variety of angles and positions while bringing out the most flattering images of a subject.

Feeling Camera Shy at the thought of Wedding Videography?

Not to worry. Our shooting style is extremely un-obtrusive. We've all heard of the wedding videography companies with their beaming lights, poor positioning, and awkward questions to the guests. These are the kind of actions we avoid. We work very well behind the scenes to capture natural candid moments that reflect your true personality. 

Over 70 Wedding Films and Counting

Through experience, we know where to be situated and what to look for during your day. Aside from the obvious scenes to capture, we see significance in moments that others deem as unimportant. For example, we captured a bride's Mother bringing home the bouquets in the morning during a preparation shoot, and so it turned out, the Mother was a major contributor to the aesthetic details that went into the day. The shot became a symbol of all the hard work and consideration she devoted to her daughters day.

It is our job as videographers in the industry of wedding videography to create finished pieces that contain every possible cherished moment. We hear it from our clients time and time again... "I'm so glad you caught that!"  

Wedding Vows, Guaranteed to Make You Tear Up ;_( 
A story from our experience

It was early April, 2012 and we received a call from a woman named Shannon, interested in wedding videography. We soon found out that this wasn't just a typical inquiry. Her story would touch us in a way we would never forget.

Her wedding was one month away and her soon to be husband, Eric, was just diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma and given 6 months to live. Her and Eric had 2 beautiful children, 2 and 4 years of age. Wedding videography was a must for their day because they didn't know what the future would bring.

She told us her vision for the film along with one specific request. She wanted to make sure the vows her and Eric had written for each other would be recorded loud and clear. We assured her that we use a wireless microphone system equipped with wind screens, that produces impeccable quality.

We then decided on a consultation at their home in Armstrong just a few days later. During out meeting, we came to know more about Shannon and Eric personally, and through doing so, we decided to donate our services to help them through this difficult time and also help compensate for the medical bills, which were piling up fast.

During the day of the wedding, emotions were high. When the vow exchange took place, it became even more evident to us the importance of the words. Ourselves among others, had trouble holding back the tears.

Watch a clip from the vow exchange below.

Eric and Shannon's Vows from Ryan Lindquist on Vimeo.

Here are some tips, before you book Wedding Videography

As for the location of your wedding videographer, don't limit yourself to choose one that is located in your home town. Many of them love to travel!

Ask to see a fully-completed video . Many videographers will only showcase their best work in a montage of snippets. Be aware that these clips may not be what you will receive. Take a look at a finished video that has been provided to another client from that videographer.

Avoid "shaky camera syndrome" and make sure your videographer uses some type of stabilization. A Glidecam is a great example of a good stabilization system.

Make sure you sign a contract together. This way you know exactly what is expected of your videographer.

Ask for an estimated completion date of your finished video. Even though it may be a little longer than expected, this can be good indication that they are keeping busy and do good work.

Ask your videographer if he or she will attend the rehearsal. The rehearsal can be an opportunity for your videographer to ensure proper positioning for the ceremony and "break the ice" with others participating in the day.

Provide the videographer with a detailed schedule for the day. The more the videographer is aware of what is taking place, the less chance they will miss capturing anything.

Think about additional ideas for your video. Perhaps create a list of different shots you want in the video to further customize it.

We hope these can help you expand your considerations when booking wedding videography. Enjoy your planning!

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