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Back in 2006, Ryan lost a dear friend to cancer. Travis wasn't just an acquaintance of his.. they were best friends. They went to school together, travelled together, "grew up" together.

Ryan knew Travis as an extremely positive individual who, for instance, chose a wake to celebrate his life as opposed to a funeral to mourn his death. Even through Travis' battle with cancer, Travis never brought a bad spirit about his struggle to anyone. Ryan admired that about him.

During Travis' wake, Ryan was viewing a short slide show put together for him when he asked himself "what do the best of the best get when they pass away?" and then it came to him... a video biography. At that very moment Ryan was set on creating this type of project in a tribute to Travis' life. Through the years of knowing Travis, Ryan truly felt that Travis played an immense part in him becoming who he is today, and the efforts Ryan would put forth in this movie would be a way of "giving back"... a thank you.

At this point, Ryan didn't posses any knowledge of video editing, but he knew that he would do what ever it took to learn the necessary tools. "I had to create something that stood out, and reflected Travis' level of greatness, and also bring justice to the extent of his legacy."

Upon completion of the biography entitled: "Impressions of Travis Miles" Ryan held a "premier night" to showcase the movie for the first time. Many of Travis' family and friends were in attendance and as the creator, Ryan was able to just sit back and watch the response of the audience. Having anticipated the emotional roller coaster of it all, Ryan felt a huge sense of empowerment to watch everyone react accordingly. When the credits lifted from the bottom of the screen, the applause followed, and at that very moment, Ryan knew videography would become a rewarding career choice to call his own.

Through the creation of the biography, Ryan developed a passion that continues to reflect in every video he produces. Ryan is extremely passionate about what he does, and it shows through the emotional connection his clients have with their finished films.

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