What does my service include?

#1 Passion - I am extremely passionate about videography. This translates to going beyond just covering the day. I always scout out locations prior to the shoot date, show up hours early before the shoot, showcase different angles and perspectives, and go beyond every client's expectations. My ultimate goal is to capture the FEELING of your day. Every time you watch your film you can feel the way you did on your day again and again. 

#2 Last Cut's Special Stylized Editing - Music is the essence of every film I have ever created. It's about utilizing the songs that carry meaning to my clients, and letting the dynamics of those songs guide me in the placement of each clip. It's a process I use that guarantees to bring out my client's inner emotion every time.

#3 TWO Videographers

This allows us to capture TWO perspectives simultaneously. During the ceremony, we capture a wide angle of all guests as well as close ups of you and your partner when emotions run high. For the speeches portion, we capture the speaker as well as the reactions to what is being said. These are just a couple of examples that require two videographers.

#4 Production Equipment 

Cameras and Lenses - I've invested thousands of dollars in cameras and lenses to ensure visual clarity in the videos we provide our clients.  

Audio - When vows, and speeches carry so much meaning, it’s not something I would ever risk missing out on capturing. I utilize two wireless systems to record audio in high quality and clarity. Having two feeds allows for back up. If one of the systems is interrupted, everything is still recorded. 

Stabilization - To ensure smooth, professional footage, I utilize a Glidecam, a slider, and tripods. Have you heard of shaky camera syndrome? Footage that has not been properly stabilized can be jarring and un-esthtically pleasing.

Quadcopter - Aerial footage will allow a much better overall perspective of where the wedding takes place. Aerial shots can showcase architecture, lakefront, vineyards, and landscapes from above.  I can also get creative and fly a little lower to include the guests and bridal party in these shots.

FAQ: Common Questions Answered

Can we extend coverage time on the day of if need be? Yes.

How long will it be before I receive my finished film? 6-8 weeks from the shoot date.

Can I choose my own music for my film? Yes.

Can you add vows or speeches into my highlight reel? Yes.

How do I secure my date? After you sign the contract and agree to the terms, you can send a deposit of 50% of the balance.

When is the final balance due? The final balance is due within 7 days of the shoot date.

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